Point-To-Point® Pillow

Point-To-Point® Pillow

Fully customizable Point-To-Point® support for a deep, restful sleep


Back and Side sleeping sections: DPM®’s patented pillow design features a specially designed support in the middle to cradle your head and neck when sleeping on your back. The side sections are at least 2.5cm higher, and offer a choice of three selectable heights to keep your neck and spine perfectly aligned.

Two neck support widths tailored for different neck lengths, with stable and adjustable support for the neck curvature.

The oval-shaped central pad can be removed or placed in various locations and orientations to provide personalised support and comfort for different head shapes and sizes.

Height Adjuster: DPM®’s Point-To-Point® pillow can be adjusted to fit your shoulder width, with nearly one hundred custom-fit combinations for maximum comfort and support.


60 x 34 x 8.2 cm

60 x 34 x 9.5 cm

60 x 34 x 10.8 cm

A good pillow should provide stable support for the neck, as every movement during the night changes the position of your head and neck relative to your body. DPM® is proud to introduce the Point-To-Point® Pillow, setting a new benchmark in comfort and support.


Offering two different levels of support to accommodate different sleeping positions, the pillows also come in two widths to provide gentle, perfectly fitted neck support. Our innovative DPM® Pillow Selector uses advanced technology to measure your neck curvature and shoulder width index, helping you find the ideal pillow from dozens of different size combinations.

Wake Up Refreshed

Do you frequently wake up in the middle of night, feeling uncomfortable from tossing and turning? While sleeping we need to support the spine in two ways, when sleeping on the back and the side. DPM Pro™ Pillow is designed to solve this problem, and allows you to wake up feeling great.