Kids Pro™ Pillow

Kids Pro™ Pillow

Healthy growth by day through quality sleep at night


Back and Side sleeping sections: DPM®’s patented pillow design features a specially designed support in the middle to cradle your child’s head and neck when sleeping on their back. Our ProTM Pillow offer gentle support in any sleeping position - whether on your back of your side

DPM®’s ProTM Pillows are available in two different heights to help support the healthy growth of your child. Stable neck support is vital to a deep and restful night’s sleep - and essential for growing bodies.


Kid Pro Pillow: 45 x 28 cm (suitable for ages 3 - 6)

Youth Pro Pillow: 48 x 30 cm (suitable for ages 7 - 10)

DPM® understands the importance of a good night’s sleep to healthy growing children and teenagers. Our ProTM pillows provide dual height levels for back sleepers and side sleepers, maintaining proper alignment of the spine throughout the night. Choose from two neck height support levels for optimum fitting as your child grows.

Wake Up Refreshed

Do you frequently wake up in the middle of night, feeling uncomfortable from tossing and turning? While sleeping we need to support the spine in two ways, when sleeping on the back and the side. DPM Pro™ Pillow is designed to solve this problem, and allows you to wake up feeling great.