Baby’s Natural Latex Pillow

Baby’s Natural Latex Pillow

All natural materials for baby’s sweetest dreams


Designed to cradle baby’s head with soft, gentle support for a deep and comfortable night’s sleep.

Micro perforated foam for improved breathability and airflow, creating a comfortable sleep environment.

Natural latex materials prevent bacteria, mold, fungi and mites for safe and clean sleeping comfort.

Baby Latex Pillow

44 x 28 cm

DPM® experienced research and development team understands the unique needs of side sleepers. The sides of the pillow are set at a slightly higher level to match the width of your shoulders when you turn on your side - keeping your neck and spine aligned for optimum support and comfort.

Wake Up Refreshed

Do you frequently wake up in the middle of night, feeling uncomfortable from tossing and turning? While sleeping we need to support the spine in two ways, when sleeping on the back and the side. DPM Pro™ Pillow is designed to solve this problem, and allows you to wake up feeling great.