Made In England


Certified premium quality: The Henley Point-To-Point® Mattress features high quality materials, finest British craftsmanship, premium design and modern styling. The Sleeping surfaces are treated with Swiss Adaptive textile treatments, a shift from passive functionality to dynamic action. As your heats up the mattress, the adaptive treatment pushed the evaporation “gas pedal”. Extra evaporation reduces humidity and has a cooling effect. keeping you comfortably cool and dry, vastly improving the quality of your sleep.


Our Point-To-Point® Relief System is precisely configured using scientific data to your height, weight and sleeping habits. Designed to contour to your body, the system relieves pressure on your shoulders and hips providing optimal support and comfort for your lower back.


CoupleFit® Design creates unique sleeping zones for couples who have different body shapes and needs, providing individualised support and comfort for a tailor-made sleep experience.


Open-case® design: The Henley Point-To-Point® Mattress features a flexible, modular design that allows you to change your Point-To-Point® relief combinations as your body changes. Offering the ultimate in customisable support and pressure distribution, its modular design allows for convenient, thorough cleaning and optimum hygiene.


According to The REACH system, certified by the European Commission, the Henley Point-To-Point® Mattress causes no harm or impact on human health or the environment.

Mattress Height (cm): 20

Standard Sizes - WxL (cm):

90 x 183 / 190 120 x 183 / 190
137 x 183 / 190 150 x 190 / 200
180 x 190 / 200 198 x 200
CoupleFit® Design
Point-To-Point® Relief System
Open-case® design

The Henley Point-To-Point® Mattress is hand crafted in England and designed to be configured to support your entire body - helping you enjoy perfect night’s sleep.

Focused on Details

Our scientifically designed Point-to-Point® Mattresses use only the world’s finest materials to ensure you sleep in
the most comfortable and hypoallergenic environment possible.

10 years of Warranty
1 times component replacement sevice per year
Custom Fit Mattress
10 years of Warranty
1 times component replacement sevice per year
Custom Fit Mattress